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    Operating Manual. APT.line™ BD (E2) +49 7462 2005 100. Internet BD 23, BD 53, BD 115, BD 240, BD 400, BD 720. Die oben
    Manual de funcionamiento, Apt.line™ bd (e2), Apt.line™ ed (e2) • Leer en linea o descargar en PDF • BINDER BD 23 Manual del usuario.
    You can find the corresponding instructions, technical data, information material, and current software for any BINDER device in the download center.
    vection ED, FD and FED, it is important that you read this operating manual the part of BINDER derive from the respective purchase contract, which also contains the entire and ex- Enter the hours of the timer run-time (0 up to 23).Wolf special offer – Incubator Binder BD23 Classic.Line 20l volume, no fan, digital display, External depth, 516 mm. Manual, Binder_Incubators_BD23.pdf
    Model BD 23. Rated voltage:230 V 1~ 50/60 Hz; Option model: Standard. Version: BD023-230V?; Art. No.: 9010-0187. -, +. Rated voltage:120 V 1~ 60 Hz; Option
    Understanding and observing the instructions in this operating manual are prerequisites for hazard-free . ed from liability by BINDER GmbH. .. page 23/71.
    Operating manual, Apt.line™ bd (e2), Apt.line™ ed (e2) Drying and heating ovens with natural convection. 1.5 General safety instructions on installing and operating the incubators BD and drying and heating ovens ED and FD.
    This unit corresponds to the demands of the low tension directive 73/23/EEC and to the .. BINDER BD/ED/FD-series products are equipped with an electronic


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