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    2007 ford focus throttle body

    2007 ford focus throttle body recallford focus throttle body reset

    ford focus high idle at startup

    how to adjust idle speed on ford focus

    2002 ford focus rough idle when stopped

    2001 ford focus rough idle

    how to fix code p1120

    4 дек 2015 Как устранить ошибку P1120 Ford Focus 1? звук работы двигателя изменился,но больше 2000 т оборотов двигатель не набирает,
    7 Jul 2015 I also purchased a 2000 Ford Focus SE for my College Student son and I’ve been rec’ing the same idiot Engine Error codes P1120 + others.
    5 Oct 2009 i have a 2001 ford focus and i keep geting a code p1120 throttle position tests from the service manual for you to follow to help resolve your concern. Ford Focus: My check engine light came on, 2000 focus, automatic,.
    I tried the tps from autozone for the manual zetec. . Special Service Message (SSM) from Ford: 16157 2000-2002 FOCUS, AUTO 2.0L ZETEC
    15 Apr 2016
    26 Dec 2013
    I have a 2000 focus with a p1120 code what can I do to start this repair. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1120 indicates that the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) closed throttle position is below the range of 3.4 percent (0.17 volts). Also the Sensor Ground circuit must be verified
    I would bet P1120 is releated to the work done – do you know if this code is code at first and replaced the TPS sensor on my 2000 Ford Focus.
    17 Mar 2018 P0068 P1120 Po316 Po301 I am getting these codes and no clue of issue I am having. Reply 1: What 2000 Ford Focus Engine Codes.
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